About us

Hi there! And Welcome to TheJavaTutorial.net!

This website is dedicated to the teachings of programming – primarily of Java as you might’ve guessed – the way that I learned programming with Java at: Luleå Technical University in Sweden together with the amazing contributions from the creators – and everyone who had worked with the epic course litterature: Big Java Late Objects.

For those of you who are like me and love learning from a good book, I can highly recommend getting your hands on that one!

When it comes to how this website is designed – and by design I mean how the content is structured primarily – I have tried to structure the content in a way that seems most logical when it comes to the order in which one expects to learn the various parts. This then means that Part I is designed to come before Part II and so on.

I, who created and maintain this website as a person, value understanding very highly and aim to please in this regard with TheJavaTutorial.net.

I understand the value of a good foundation to build upon for when it’s time to start actually working with what one have studied.

On this website you will be able to get a thorough and clear introduction and understanding of programming, as well as get access to valuable resources, tools, websites, testprograms, code examples and much more!

This website is a personal pet project of mine since it has been requested of me by a lot of friends and contacts from various countries. Plus the fact that I enjoy writing down what I know and have learned to help others understand. Writing down what I’ve learned like this on a website also acts as a collection of reminders to myself for future references. I have a strong passion for creating websites such as this one, where all the needed material is easily formatted and readily available in one place online – accessible for anyone and everyone with an interest.

The idea is to develop this website and all of it’s content to be freely available to anyone and everyone interested in learning programming and to learn to program with Java.

The development of this website will be funded only by ads and freely given donations since it’s a personal pet project of mine. Feel free to provide support if you like where it’s going and feel it’s a worthy cause. Any- and all help will be greatly appreciated since currently the funding for this project is purely out of my own pocket. For donations we use PayPal, and you will get the chance to choose whether or not to be listed as a part contributor for this website for as long as it exists. And your contributions will help keep it alive for the future as well as fund new areas to explore and write about. Donations should only be given of own free will since there can be no returns.

I am also open to get your suggestions for improvements as well as new content.
Let the journey begin!

Best of Regards,
A knowledge-hungry and enthusiastic developer and website lover.
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