HTML HyperText Markup Language – the structure coding language for websites
CSS Cascading StyleSheets – the styling coding language for websites
Garbage collection The process of clearing unused components in ones program from RAM in programming
JDK Java Development Kit
JRE Java Runtime Environment
JVM Java Virtual Machine
IDE Integrated Development Environment
OS Operating System
XHTML eXtensible HyperText Markup Language (XML + HTML)
Front-end The development part that the user sees (behaviour, styling, structure)
Back-end The development part that the user don’t see (behind the curtains – DB, system logic, etc.)
Variable “nametags” in programming that represent a slot in RAM to store data/information.
Data Type Different Data Types represent different kinds of data (text, numbers, true/false, lists, etc.)
Recursive A development pattern that make function for example be able to execute a task by calling themselves repeatedly by themselves.
Statements The big building blocks in programming that make up a program.
Expressions The smaller part of Statements that help make your program work.
Comments Code that is ignored by the compiler when running your program.
OOP Object oriented programming – a design pattern based on objects with inheritance, ownership and hierarchy.
WP WordPress – a free and popular CMS and widely used blog platform.
Dev Short for Development, Developer or the like.
Interpreter A computer program that can read and execute code without the need to compile it first.
Compiler Translates code from human-readable code into machine language that computers can understand.
Oracle The founding organization of Java.
Open Source Altruistic development of programs and code – where communities of people come together and help one another, usually costfree and purely driven by interest.
CPU Central Processing Unit a.k.a. computer processor
RAM Random Access Memory – the computer processors “temporary storage medium” – compared to harddrives which are permanent storage. RAM only stores information as long as the power is on.
HDD Hard disk drive a.k.a. harddrive.
Abstraction The method of making concepts and tasks easier to understand for humans by changing them.
High-level programming language Easily human-readable code – lots of abstraction.
Low-level programming language Close to machine language – little to no abstraction – not easily readable to humans.
Virtual Machine Environment A sort of sandbox within which the environment is always the same, but the environment on the outside could be almost whatever. Code only have to be developed for the inside environment (once) and not to suit 500 outside different environments.
Machine Language Computer code. 1’s and 0’s.
XML eXtensible Markup Language.
PHP Used to stand for Personal HomePage, when another group of developers took over the work to maintain PHP they changed the name to a recursive acronym that stands for PHP: Hypertext preprocessor.