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Part IV: Introduction to the Java Syntax

Before we start to cover the basic syntax of programming with Java, I just want to mention a couple of things that can be good to keep in mind when you embark on your programming journey with Java :) Semi-colons in Java and their function In Java you need to place a semi-colon after each… Read More »

Part III: Introduction to Programming with Java

Java is a good programming language for beginners Java is fairly easy for beginners to get started with. And we believe this is in part due to it’s fairly straight forward, clear-cut and easy syntax, good documentation and clear error presentation. And since it’s one of the oldest high-level programming languages we have, there are… Read More »

Part II: Installation, Configuration & Familiarization of working with Eclipse as Java IDE

This article will cover how to download, install and configure one of the most popular IDE’s for Java – namely the Eclipse IDE. To start developing programs with Java, you first have to download something called the Java Development Kit (also known as JDK). And we will go through the steps of: Downloading Installing Configuring JDK… Read More »